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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 13, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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a powerful storm is drinking the bay area this morning and some places to get a month worth of rain in only 48 hours. we have the wind gusting, taking down trees and power lines this morning. we take a closer look at the damage. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, pay it forward 13. i am michelle griego >> good morning. i am kenny choi. it is 5 am and we have a lot to cover this morning. we have been talking about the storm all week with this soaker. >> it is here for sure with the heaviest rain and strongest wind happening now and continuing through the morning. here is a look from the bay bridge camera and you can see it is pouring. with the windy conditions we are looking at sideways rain. here is the hi-def doppler and you can see it is raining
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across the bay area. as you step outside you will see the rain and you will feel the wind. we are looking at moderate to heavy rainfall in many locations. we are in it right now from windsor, santa rosa, rohnert park, santa rosa, dillon beach across san rafael and across berkeley into the east bay and emeryville. it is in oakland, alameda, san leandro and across the bay bridge. you solve the bay bridge camera and across the golden gate and san francisco, pouring even in the sunset district area. on the peninsula through san francisco, san mateo, east palo alto, hayward and livermore all getting a drenching. this is even across the south bay into san jose. the storm watch scale is high, 7 and 8 from the rain, wind and flooding. the morning commute is a mess because of all of these factors. the flash flood watches in effect for most of the bay area due to the rain with heavy
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rain, roads, highways and small streams could flood and we have a potential for landslides, debris flows and river flooding. there is a high wind warning and wind advisory in effect with the wind gusting up to 60 miles an hour. we will time this out on the future cast for the rain and wind coming up. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic with ponding and even plating on the roadways . >> it is a tough commute this morning with a lot of stuff coming into the traffic center. give yourself extra time heading out to work and school and leave early this morning definitely. we have a trouble spot in the east bay commuting into oakland. here's a live look at 580 in beaumont dealing with slow speeds improving a little bit. we have a crash not far from your causing a backup at westbound 580 and lake shore in the center divide, not blocking lanes but slow approaching the same. give yourself extra time
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through this area. at the bay bridge this morning, the crash on the upper deck has been cleared and the lower deck accident has been cleared from the lanes but we have a lot of red on the map. 32 miles an hour in some spots due to that wind advisory as well. people are taking it slow across this area but okay speeds at the toll plaza. it is not backed up yet but that will change and we have a lot of slick surfaces and windy conditions. south 680 and highway 24, chp clearing a crash in the left lane. a new crash on 24 eastbound at moraga with the left lane blocked on this crash but no word on injuries involved. the crash westbound at fish ranch has been cleared. the highway is shut down in both directions at sloat and lincoln. we don't know when those lanes will reopen but stick with sunset as an alternate in the
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meantime. it is 5:03 am. we continue our storm watch coverage from santa clara county. >> we have kiet do live where the brody shutdown due to landslide. >> reporter: in the south bay we are bracing for more rain and wind, and always mudslides that followed but this mudslide came first. hicks road is shut down for the next couple of days and part of this steep hill side gateway in the afternoon yesterday on hicks about 300 feet just past the pheasant road. there are tons of boulders and dirt that came down blocking both lanes about three days after the most recent storm. the weather was relatively dry leading up to the mudslide but with more rain ahead this is a sign of things to come, and it is just the beginning. >> we will see mudslides, landslides, and possibly marginal runs but i would expect a lot of small movement.
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>> reporter: district of hicks road is shut down from pheasant road to alameda those road. crews say they will have it cleared out but it will depend on the amount of rain and whether over the next couple of days. we are live just outside of los gallos. back to you. we are in the pouring rain at highway 101 at marin county with emily turner. you are so. >> reporter: yes. at some point this was two different colors of blue but now only dark blue courtesy of all of the rain. i think mary said it is coming down at a rate of an inch and a half an hour and you can see what i'm talking about on highway 101 where this car is coming through right now. in fact, look at this video we shot of this trouble spot earlier in the morning with car after car coming through highway 101 northbound at the l
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luckily it is the opposite direction of the commute so it will not hopefully cause too much trouble this morning. it is certainly slowing down the drivers. they also have an issue in sonoma county overnight. look at this video we shot of the rockslide on mark west springs road. it could not handle the wet weather and wind and we will likely see much more of this before that storm goes through. the rocks are up until the fog line at mark west springs road with a lot more plating in rockslide likely. it is important to note if you are concerned about letting there are places across marin county to get sandbags and is san rafael they are free if you are resident. there are options to make sure you can take care of yourself. we are watching these creeks in the north toflood. we ll let you knowif we se in maricounty, emily
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turner, this is a kpix 5 news morning update . i am anne makovec at the live news desk and let's go live to polling where vice president mike pence is speaking in warsaw. he is visiting u.s. and polish troops and eventually going to the joint conference on the middle east peace and security meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. on friday he will visit us which, the death camp, nazi. the california governor casting a doubt and on his first state of the state address, governor newsom made it clear that was not a top priority. >> would cost too much and take too long with the current plan. there is too little oversight and not enough transparency. >> the governor called for
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completing the initial san joaquin valley segment where construction is underway between merced and bakersfield o and soutare e is a right now to get from sacramento to san diego. >> the status of the planned bay area stretches unclear and the local stops were supposed include san jose, gilroy, millbrae and san francisco. governor newsom is scaling back the coffee project of the twin tunnels and the $19 billion plan would move the water down south under the delta but governor newsom wants a single tunnel. environmental groups spoke out against the project saying it would drain too much water from the sacramento river. it is unclear how much the governors one tunnel plan would cost. matthew mueller gets a chance to cross-examine his own kidnapping victim in court. he is a disbarred lawyer that went to harvard university and representing himself in the trial, facing new charges in
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connection to the vallejo kidnapping case. the attorney said that he emailed questions about the laws behind the bars. >> i have not met him but he really does not know the law. he knows how to read, understand and apply the law. >> prosecutors say that he found a drug denise huskins and her husband aaron quinn in the home in 2015 and event took off with huskins, and they are charging him with burglary, kidnapping and rape, and was sentenced to 40 years in prison in the federal case. breaking her silence, doctor vanessa tyson took center stage at fo symposium on the me too movement, her pursed public appearance since accusing -- first public appearance since accusing lieutenant governor of
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virginia, justin fairfax, a charge that fairfax vehemently denies. >> when women come forward, it is a deliberate attempt here to undermine someone's credibility, and also the prioritization or a privileging of women that may come from me higher social economic status. >> the symposium was announced before the dr. tyson accusations come to life, a sold-out event with tight security. it is 5:10 am. the strange looking ship docked in san francisco, and the bay area mission, coming up. we are tracking the big atmospheric river event with heavy rain and winds picking up. we have a flash flood watch, a high wind warning and wind advisory all in the bay area. we will time it out coming up. we will have an update on the trouble spots in the east bay and north bay with a couple of new accident that will slow
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addiction. researchers in oregon found a number of insurance plans offering the medication without restriction plummeted from 89% in 2007, 35% in 2018. they say that the insurance plans covered access to the opioid pain medication during that same time. recommending counseling intervention for pregnant and postpartum women at an increased risk of depression, one of the most common complications during pregnancy and after childbirth. new research shows many patients leaving the hospital with prescribed antibiotics despite the increase of risk from the super bug infections to the torn tendons. the futuristic ship is docked along the san francisco waterfront and set to be commissioned by the u.s. navy this weekend. uss tulsa is the newest ship dedicated to the offshore operations and open for the afternoon public tours this week. the 421 foot vessel has three
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holes in a helicopter flight deck, relatively small maki and easy to maneuver. it can go up to 44 knots, 54 miles an hour and the home port is san diego. it is a complicated morning commute already for many. >> tell me about it. we have a laundry list of problems that are continuing. if you are going to work or school this morning, leave early and grab your jacket. do not forget the umbrella. we have wet roadways with a lot of rain, and mary has more on that coming up. we start in the north bay with rain and slick services as well as accidents. at south 101 and will the left lane is down with activity blocking the left lane. stick to the right on 101 southbound. that is the main trouble spot on this part of the 101. south of marin county we have flooding. you saw emily turner live at
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the lucky drive and issuing of traffic alert to the flooding on northbound 101 in the non- commute direction which is good news. southbound 101 is moving okay but we expect that to change as the morning commute progresses. 680 and 242 so far is okay. south of this very we have a trouble spot in walnut creek with delays on southbound 680 and highway 24. it looks like it may have been cleared out of the left lane but still seeing green on the sensors which means traffic is improving. that is good news on the 680. the meeting on the 24, stop and go into a rain to. eastbound 24 at moraga we have a crash blocking the left lane. that could slow you down a bit. we have trouble spot the westbound 580 and lake shore cleared to the center divide with traffic backing up. we have a trouble spot 880,
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nimitz freeway northbound at the 980 connector a trouble spot blocking at least one lane. as we take a quick look at the south bay northbound 101, still in theich is good news. we will hold onto that for a little while because that will change. 280 looking good through downtown san jose. here's a live look at the bay bridge with a wind advisory and stacked up at the toll plaza. with this rain it is a very busy drive. you can see on those traffic cameras that it is pouring right now. we are dealing with a lot of rain and wind. the worst of it is happening right now through the next few hours, so be prepared. here is the hi-def doppler and you can see it is raining everywhere across the bay area. in the north bay, zooming in, moderate to heavy rainfall. let me show you the red, and that is heavy rain. let's check the rainfall rates
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near burnsville, 1 1/2 inches per hour coming down, and also north of windsor. that is impressive rainfall rates with the storm and you can see from richmond, down through oakland, berkeley, hayward getting moderate to heavy rainfall pushing across mill valley, the golden gate into san francisco and the bay bridge as well with moderate to heavy rainfall pushing across the peninsula, from san mateo, palo alto and mountain view. it is raining everywhere. the salesforce tower camera showing raindrops on the live cam and shaking a little bit with the wind as well with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s to start the day. checking the wind speed, we are watching the wind pick up at 26 miles an hour in san jose, 14 and mountain view, 27 mile an hour at southeast redwood city, 27 at half moon bay, sfo and 24
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in san francisco. we have seen the wind gusting in oakland up to 35 miles an hour, currently 14 in san rafael. here's the satellite and radar view showing that tropical moisture coming in from hawaii with this atmospheric river event bringing in rain for the entire state. here is the future cast as we take you through the morning with the worst of it this morning with the heaviest rain and strongest wind. the north bay is getting a drenching even at 7 am with widespread rain through the morning. light rain and scattered showers through the afternoon. tonight into tomorrow morning the rain will pick up again for round two at 6 pm with moderate to heavy rainfall pushing in. that is as well through thursday morning with another round of rain and wind. the rainfall amounts, as much
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as eight inches in the north bay mounts, six inches in th santa cruz mountains, 2 to 4 inches in the san francisco peninsula, three inches in the east bay and 1 to 2 inches in the south bay. this is likely the wettest rain of the season. that river at burnsville, cresting and likely getting above flood stage at 34 .4 feet at the russian river. at the napa river, no flooding expected but it will get close to the flood stage did not reach the flood stage at this point. the highs today mid to upper 50s to low 60s to a near-normal daytime high today. the worst of it is right now. this morning where dealing with strong wind and heavy rain and as we head through the afternoon we are looking at scattered showers with light rain picking up tonight into thursday morning, drying out thursday afternoon with rain chances friday into the weekend. here tsports.
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>> the giants signed the outfielder and i bet you cannot guess who it is. kate thompson had to play with four fingers last night, tipoff coming up. taking a look atthe fey buildi in sco and the weake a look at the radar o the bottom right. we will be right back. i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head. reynold's kitchens™ hasfrustration for good.rap to celebrate, award winner jeff russo composed the world's shortest victory song. [sfx: victory song plays] yes! this is the good stuff™
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it is 5:23 am. welcome back. we are waking up with a wet morning, wet wednesday and wet drive. here's the live look at the maze already backing up. we have a few accidents on 580 that will slow you down with the first with westbound at lake shore and blocking the lanes. we have dennis with the sports. >> the only thing to slow down the warriors right now is the alzheimer's, klay thompson and katie getting the all star jerseys. they call it the spring or klay thompson who came back to score 22 with four fingers. o'neill drank it for three and the jazz had the 6 point lead but here comes the jumper for the golden state, 11-2 run taking the lead and durant
5:25 am
finishes with 28. curry pushing delayed and the warriors come back to win, 115- 108. they have won the last 16 of 17 games. the giants have the minor league deal with geraldo pareve. he spent the -- gerardo parra. he spent the last three seasons . brown telling the steelers he wants out ofpittsb d ank str big years month brown made overtures toward jerry rice and the tight end about joining the 49ers. the king is king at the westminster dog show, the wire
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box carrier, king, the 15th wire box carrier of all time to be named the top dog. college baseball season starts friday and central michigan chase rollins was not going to let the cold weather stop him from getting ready for opening day. he is on the frozen field wearing ice skates to take the field practice. that is a guide that is certainly ready for the spring. that is the latest in sports. i am dennis o'donnell and i will see you tonight. >> reporter: we are used to seeing this in a santa cruz mountains but not in the city. we have a live report on the mudslides and how it is shutting down this six and half mile stretch of road in santa clara county. so cute (laughs)?
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so cute i could just eat you right up, yeah! s) oh,k ou, t mini meal fo. (pleasant whistling tones)
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . right now the bay area is getting hammered with
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torrential rain. mary will let us know when this will start easing up. >> the heavy downpours and whipping wind has already call the number problems and we will take a look at the trouble spots good morning on this wet wednesday, february 13. i am michelle griego. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. i am taking a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge and we are getting pounded with rain. we are live with team coverage, kiet do and emily turner out in the elements with a look at the problems you will be dealing or >> we have to get emily another jacket. >> they are getting a drenching and all of us in the bay area are getting with heavy rain and strong wind. we have been talking about the atmospheric river event and not disappointing with a lot of rain and wind happening now. you can see on the hi-def doppler all of us getting a
5:31 am
drenching this morning. in the north bay, winter getting intense rainfall, guerneville, glen allen and sonoma with an inch and a half coming down per hour. let's show you down across the golden gate, into the bay bridge, you can see light to moderate rain pushing through the sunday -- sunset district, pouring over the east bay, berkem, acro the peninsul inh san francisco moderate frem jose and mountain view. the storm watch scales showing everything i with the rain, wind and flooding, and the morning commute is a mess. we have strong wind and we are watching the wind pick up this morning. we have seen mount st. helena gusting up to 75 miles an hour. the high wind warning is in red with the blue indicating the
5:32 am
wind advisory, and 75 mile an hour wind gusting this morning. heavy rain, roads, highways, small streams and rivers me flood and with landslides and the debris due to this rain and wind coming out at one time. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic , and we have wet roadways everywhere. >> pick your poison and pretty much every freeway has slick services and slow-and-go conditions. let's go straight to the south bay with the new accident and from chp, dealing with wet weather. the 101 is slow because ofcrash way northbound at the capital expressway with two lanes completely shut down. there could be injuries in this
5:33 am
moving better at 101 and 280, the best bet out of the south by this morning. let's head into the north peninsula, northbound 288 380 looks like the left lane is brought due to an accident. if you are taking nor to 80 or 380 you can see delays as result of this accident. we have a little bit of yellow on the sensor. here's a live look at 101 near the 380 interchange, and so far 101 looks okay but ponding due to that wet weather this morning. we have slick services so take it slow. here's a live look at the bay bridge with metering lights on, pretty much a parking lot with delays already out of the maze. your approach off i-580 will have stop and go conditions. other trouble spots, a 24 at moraga is clearing out of the left lane so traffic should be moving okay. we have a couple of new trouble
5:34 am
spots in the area of 580 westbound at lake shore, stuck in the center divide. we have a new one westbound on 580 at macarthur boulevard blocking the left lane, slow- and-go out of oakland for busy ride. have crews out covering the bay area storm all morning. we begin with this is a kpix 5 news morning update emily turner who is live in the north bay, and it is coming down. >> reporter: it is coming down. we were talking about the ponding on the roadways, and i guess that could be called an understatement. this is what i'm talking about, 101 northbound at lucky drive, look at these cars speeding through and these hit that huge puddle with cars, and the water flying everywhere. luckily most people are taking it pretty slow. here is video from earlier in the morning where you can see the waves of water up and year with cars driving through this
5:35 am
in the 101 northbound. luckily it is the opposite direction of the rush hour traffic so hopefully it will not create a backup. for those of you heading northbound in marin county keep this in mind. there is also an issue in sonoma county where the mark west springs road had a rockslide overnight. here is video from overnight. the crews were able to clean up that mess but there are still rocks on the roadways all the way to the fog line. this is the first we have seen across the bay area, but this one happened overnight, and we will likely see more of this throughout the morning and afternoon. so long as this storm continues we will continue do have habit in the area. we have issues in the south bay and we have kiet do and santa clara county. >> reporter: good morning. the experts tell us that predicting mudslides is difficult if not impossible. case in point is this situation
5:36 am
on hicks road. 1 pm well it fans of the rain the mudslide hit. this roadblock is up for the time being due to part of that steep hillside that gave way yesterday on hicks road 300 feet past the pheasant road with tons of boulders and dirt coming down all of a sudden to brought both lanes of hicks road. this happened three days over that recent storm that hit over the weekend. we caught up with marianne who was flooded out a month ago when that clogged debris sent the of water rushing into her home, and now four weeks later she keeps the stand we -- sandbags in place. >> every morning wakes up and cleans it and be aims. >>porter: this li has shut dles from here, pheasant r to alameda's road.
5:37 am
crew said they will work on this and it will be shut down for the next couple of days depending on how much rain we get and if they have more mudslides to complicate the situation. we are live in santa clara county, kiet do, kpix 5. in contra costa county they are not taking chances. some downtown places are putting out sandbags as they try to avoid the problems like those caused by the widespread flooding two years ago, the first major flooding this serious and a decade. in the sierra drivers are facing dangerous whiteout conditions with crews working round-the-clock keep the roads safe. if you're traveling over the mountain passes, chain controls are in effect. in the southern sierra, mammoth mountain has the most no in america, 37 feet of snow blanketing the area.
5:38 am
you can see the homes and cars in this video almost completely buried. it is good news for the skiers and snowboarders, ski season will last through the fourth of july. stay with us for the latest on the storm and updates on conditions and the interactive radar. you can also stay up-to-date on our website at congress could hold the vote on the first bill to fund the government to avoid the second shutdown, providing $1.4 billion for the new fencing along the border for 55 miles. they had that cat detention for immigrants to be detained by the authorities and customs. the president says he is likely to sign off and says he will try to find more money for his plan elsewhere which would likely face challenges in congress and in federal court. >> whatever the number is, i don't mind him taking it as a down payment or a risk of executive action. >> your great limits on what he
5:39 am
can and cannot do and we will see what he means. >> negotiators discussed billions of dollars for disaster relief including the california wildfires but that fell apart when republicans reportedly objected, providing more funding for puerto rico as it continues to recover frhurri prices are on the rise at the trinity grocery chain and diane king hall has that and more from the world of business. good morning. >> good morning, kenny. stocks rallied yesterday with the dow soaring 372 points, nasdaq jumping 106, the s&p 500 jumping 34. the national debt is off, topping $22 trillion, the debt growing by $2 trillion since president trump took office. it is accelerating after the trump tax cut passed in 2017. the federal reserve bank of new york painting a troubling report on the economy in the
5:40 am
u.s., 73 million americans behind on car payments, usually a sign of duress among the low income and working-class americans. if you notice higher prices at whole foods you're not imagining things. after amazon cut the prices on multiple items, the wall street journal says that now they are raising prices. there are price hikes on over 500 items reported. we hear that one car company is working on technology to give you good night sleep. give us the details. >> ford has designed the smart bed to keep the mattress hogs on their side. the pressure sensors can tell if your partner moves into the other place and that bed will push that person back to their other side gently. it will not be on cell anytime soon, and 40s using the invention to demonstrate the driver assist. >> my wife will be the first in line to purchase that bad to
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keep me from encroaching. >> she is not the only one. >> thank you, and diane king hall. coming up, an update to the missing monkey story, and she is back home, but what exactly happened is a mystery. here's a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza where the rain is coming down and it is slow going on the road. gianna has your traffic update coming up after the break. it is 5:41 am. we will be right back
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good morning. it is a wet and windy day with strong wind and heavy rain. here's a live look at the embarcadero. you can see the rain coming down and the flags are blowing in the wind.
5:44 am
the wind is picking up this morning, and it is raining everywhere across the bay area. we will talk about when this will taper off with the second round coming up. i am anne makovec at the live news desk with new information on the missing monkey in florida . she has been returned but exactly what happened over the last couple of days is still unknown. where waiting for more information from the west palm beach police. callie went missing from the zoo a few days ago and there were pictures of wires that were cut in her cage. it looks like she was stolen, but we don't know how she was returned but she is safe and in good condition. you just saw the video of her eating breakfast. we will let you know when the police say more about what happened. the baseball stadium in connecticut one no longer let the purchase peanuts and cracker jacks. >> the dunkin donuts parking
5:45 am
hartford is banninpe me turf of the hartford yard goats. they say it is the first to go completely peanut-free. this decision comes after meeting with the concerned parents of children with nut allergies. it will be different watching baseball without peanuts, but for good reason. >> that is true. there also banned on a lot of the flights now. >> we have popcorn and pretzels. >> we have hot dogs and nachos, other options for sure. we have issues on the roads with the rain and wind, and the ponding. >> you name it, we got it on the roadways this morning. pick your poison. whatever freeway you hop will deal with slick services and a couple of accidents, and i should not say a couple, but quite a few. where only focusing on the ones causing big delays and backups with lanes blocked. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see how wet it is with
5:46 am
a wind advisory as well on the bay bridge toll plaza. all approaches have delays at the moment. you can see this a little bit better, but we have gi conditions with metering lights on so give yourself 35 minutes to work your way out of the maze into san francisco. we have a few things happening with eastbound 580 and highway 24 with eight inches reported in the lanes, and that is flooding in the non-commute direction. that area is busy anyway in and out of oakland. westbound 580 and 24 we have a crash blocking at least the left lane with a lot of red after that east shore freeway. traffic is very slow in the area of the maze. we have eastbound 80 crash at 580, and we have a crash right inside the maze with the bike lane blocked. it is very slow-and-go. you may try bart, everything on
5:47 am
time, or the san mateo bridge which is moving nicely. westbound 24 at el camino and pablo had a lane blocked but e still slow out of or rain to this morning. it is slow off of the 680 happened 24 connector. in the south bay we have a lot of rain on the radar, and let's zoom in at northbound 101 at capital expressway with two planes at least shutdown. you can ihop on the guadalupe parkway toward 280, much better to get into the peninsula. how do you go we have slick services. it is not the best timing with the storm, rain and wind all for the morning commute. here's the hi-def doppler showing it raining everywhere across the bay area. this is moderate to heavy rainfall across the region. let's zoom in first in the north bay with orange and red indicating intensive rain from windsor, santa rosa and
5:48 am
guerneville has pouring rain down through petaluma park, napa getting a drenching right now. san rafael, mill valley, golden gate, and the san francisco, bay bridge into the east bay for richmond, oakland, berkeley, hayward, san leandro, san ramon, dublin and walnut creek all getting a drenching right now. they were, fremont, milpitas, palo alto, peninsula, mountain view, south san francisco down to san jose, you can see the moderate to heavy rainfall. i showed you on the hi-def doppler i waited is with the cars zooming by leaving behind a trail kicking up water already on the roadway. temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. you can see the wind and we are watching kick up and picking up this morning from 26 miles an hour in san jose, reporting a s
5:49 am
28 and half moon bay, 26 in san francisco, 28 mile an hour wind and oakland and gusting up to 30 in oakland right now. 13 in vallejo and san rafael due to this tropical moisture coming in. that is the atmospheric river we have been talking about all week . it is here bringing rain and wind. the future cast, showing the worst of this at 7 am with widespread rain and heavy rainfall in spots going through the afternoon. it will start to taper off with light rain, scattered showers. brown 2 will come in tonight into tomorrow morning. this is the future cast at 6 pm with heavy rainfall, and you will see the winds picking up tonight into tomorrow with a lot of rain with this storm system. this is the atmospheric river event bringing a lot of rain and moisture. up to 8 inches in the north bay
5:50 am
amounts, 6 inches in the santa cruz mountains, 2 to 4 inches at the san francisco peninsula, 1 to 2 inches in the south bay, 3 inches in the east bay. that purple and red indicates strong wind and possible damaging winds as well. we will have brown 2 tomorrow morning as we look at strong wind. daytime highs today due to the tropical moisture, temperatures a little bit warmer with low 60s for mountain view, santa clara, san jose in morgan hill. upper 50s from pleasant hill, walnut creek, danville and san ramon. berkeley low 50s, alameda and san leandro as well. clearlake upper 40s to low 50s. this continues into thursday morning, drier and sunnier whether by earlier next week.
5:51 am
still ahead, the university of southern california moves forward with the settlement involving the disgraced school gynecologist and new conduct allegations for second doctor are emerging. here's a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge with a lot of rain. the north bay could see up to 8 inches, more when we come back. narrator: this february fall in love
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good wednesday morning. we have all areas getting a drenching right now, berkeley, oakland and san leandro. here is one area i want to highlight and we will let you know when we will see the rain tapering off of the day. we have round two coming up. speaking of the wind we have a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge, slow-and-go across the upper deck with delays into the toll plaza backed up into the maze. it is a 32 minute from 580-880 connector into san francisco. the drive time across the span of 880 and 101 is 20 minutes. you may want to skip the
5:55 am
roadways and use mass transit, all are on time this morning. it is 5:54 am. we have rain and much of southern california causing problems in riverside and other areas that have been burn scarred from the recent wildfires. they are asking people at the cleveland national forest area to be prepared if flooding happened. six warmer usc students claim the medical center men's sexual house doctor violated and humiliated them. among the accusations, the alleged victims said that dr. dennis kelly would insist on performing unnecessary invasive examinations on the plaintiffs but dr. kelly is denying the accusations. usc is still trying to recover from the massive scanda former university gynecologist. they are moving forward with
5:56 am
the $214 million class action settlement with thousands of the former patients and the former gynecologist denied any wrongdoing. first came the snow and now lake tahoe could be facing new problems with the latest storm moving in. >> reporter: there are problems on the roadways not only in marin but also in sonoma county. we will tell you where they are coming up. ♪ they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating.
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fill your heart with ireland.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a powerful storm is battering the bay area with driving rain and dangerous wind. mary is tracking the latest conditions on the hi-def doppler radar. expect a huge mess on your morning commute, and gianna will let you know where to avoid. we expect several spots to get several feet snow. good morning on this wednesday, february 13.
6:00 am
i am michelle griego. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. it is 6 am. we have damaging wind and torrential rains with more of the same through this morning. trees and power lines have come down already on the pullman valley road. we are all over the areas with the storm watch crews. first let's head to mary with an update on the conditions. >> that's right. the worst is happening right now with the heaviest rain and strongest wind. that will continue over the next few hours. you can see on the hi-def doppler it is raining everywhere with moderate to heavy rainfall across the bay area. in the north bay the red indicates intensive rainfall. more than two inches an hour, impressive rainfall rates coming down for windsor, guerneville, the north bay into the


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